Welcome to low contact/no tackle Flex Football. Flex is available for grades kindergarten through 3rd. Practices and Conditioning will begin on August 2nd, 2021.

Please enjoy our short video broght to you by Coach Gaffny.

Register Now! Fall sports are now available!

2021 Fall Cheer and Flag Football Registrations are now open!

BIG SAVINGS for Fall Football & Cheer:  We LOVE seeing you on the field this spring, and we want to see you again on the field this Fall!  Fall Registration is OPEN!  Don’t miss out on the savings!

8U Cheer (Ages 7 & 8)
10U Cheer (Ages 9 & 10)
12U Cheer (Ages 11 & 12)
14U Cheer (Ages 13 & 14)

Fall Tackle and Flex:
8th Grade
7th Grade
6th Grade
5th Grade
4th Grade
Grade 2/3 Flex
Grade K/1 Flex

Online registration:

Please visit our website or follow us on our Facebook Page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: info@hudsonyouthfootball.com

Go Hawks!!

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