Here are your winners for the 2021 Super Bowl Square and Prop Bet Challenge!

$10.00 Bracket

1st Quarter – Al Barese $100.00

2nd Quarter – Rob Henson $100.00

3rd Quarter – Yael Loosemore $100.00

Final Score – Yael Loosemore $200.00

$25.00 Bracket

1st Quarter – Mike Morin $250.00

2nd Quarter – Kristin Murphy $250.00

3rd Quarter – Kristin Kapopoulos $250.00

Final Score – Kristin Kapopoulos $500.00

2021 Prop Bet Winner

Guessing 18 out of 21 correctly, John Ezepik $TBD

Thank you to all that participated this year! It goes without saying, but we really appreciate all your support! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at:

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