Team/Age Information


Team Age (as of July 31st) Max Stripped Weight + Uniform Allowance = Max Dressed Weight
2nd Grade Protected Age 8 as of 12/31 Unrestricted
3rd Grade Protected Age 9 as of 12/31 Unrestricted
*Instructional Division can be established/adjusted as your Conference sees fit, adjust to the needs of your area with this chart as a Guideline.

All-American Division

ALL-AMERICAN DIVISION Grade Based / Age Protected
Grade Max. Age Range Protected Age Protected Age Explanation
4th 8/9/10 10 10 in 4th grade can not turn 11 on or before 12/31
5th 9/10/11 11 11 in 5th grade can not turn 12 on or before 12/31
6th 10/11/12 12 12 in 6th grade can not turn 13 on or before 12/31
7th 11/12/13 13 13 in 7th grade can not turn 14 on or before 12/31