2016 Calendar Winners

Thank you to all our sponsors for this years raffle Calendar.  All winners will receive a check by mail.

Congratulations to all of this years Calendar winners.  Hudson Youth Football and Cheer Thank you for your support. 


October 1:      $250   Sponsored by F&C Construction Corporation                            Katie Rudd

October 2:     $50      Sponsored by Fletcher Tilton, P.C Christopher Yates                Stacy Chaves

October 3:     $100    Sponsored by Juniper Farms                                                Candice Petruzzelli

October 4:     $50      Sponsored by Deluxe Catering              Jeffrey Ruggleiri and Nancy Webby

October 5:     $150    Sponsored by The Corkin Family                                                    Basic Batista

October 6:     $25      Sponsored by Mullahy’s Cheese Shop                                     Matthew Gibirti

October 7:     $50      Sponsored by Brett Jackson Contracting                                      Joanna White

October 8:     $100    Sponsored by Koopman Lumber                                      Leonardo Cerqueira

October 9:    $50       Sponsored by Automotive Brake Warehouse                                   Fritz Laver

October 10:  $200     Sponsored by Marlborough Savings Bank                           Gregory Brewster

October 11:  $50        Sponsored by Richard B. Lewis Tree Service                             Jennifer Yates

October 12:  $100      Sponsored by Cheryl P. Demelo, Justice of the Peace & Notary Public

                                                                                                                                                     Mimi Lyons

October 13:  $50        Sponsored by Cutler Contracting                                                  Ronnie Blood

October 14:  $50        Sponsored by 10.0 Gymnastics                             Peter and Joseph Lemoine

October 15:  $250      Sponsored by S&F Concrete Contractors                           Jeremy Hammond

October 16:  $50        Sponsored by Fenway Group                                               Elizabeth Nystrom

October 17:  $25        Sponsored by Monteiro Electric                                       Francisco Sanchez Jr

October 18:  $100      Sponsored by Northeast Eagles                                                 Melissa Cronin

October 19:  $50       Sponsored by Fletcher Tilton, P.C Christopher Yates                 Katrina Paiva

October 20: $50        Sponsored by Hudson Appliance                                                        Jen Pacitto

October 21:  $50       Sponored by Hudson High School Booster Club                             Joe O’Brien

October 22:  $100     Sponored by Sache Hair Design                                                             Ken Ford

October 23:   $50      Sponsored by Homesmith Realty, LLC                                           Cathi Carlino

October 24:  $100     Sponsored by Bacon’s Wine and Spirits                                            Randy Kyle

October 25:  $50       Sponsored by Chad Crogan Photography                                          Edie Yates

October 26:  $50       Sponsored by Hudson High School Junior Booster Club       Karen Carvalho

October 27:  $25       Sponsored by Mullahy’s Cheese Shop                                      Gerald Garneau

October 28:  $100     Sponsored by Chaves Heating and Air Conditioning           Shannon Conrad

October 29:  $50       Sponsored by Rail Trail Flatbread Company           Angeles Valades-Barajas

October 30:  $100     Sponsored by Fletcher Tilton, P.C Christopher Yates                Wendy Augen

October 31:  $250     Sponsored by Michael Mercuri, Lemire Insurance Agency

                                                                                                                                        Tammy Blackburn